Home Loan


Features of Home Loan

Living in your own house is everyone’s dream. With our affordable interest rate of just 8.50%, purchasing or constructing a house has become easy. Our loan offers starts from Rs. 2 lakhs and goes upto Rs. 5 Crores. Reach us now to achieve your dream home.

Borrow loan amount with our associated partners to avail the advantage of low interest rate loans. You can borrow home loans for both new property and construction of property. Loan amount and interest also depends on the calculated home loan eligibility on the basis of few factors such as income, employment type, CIBIL score and among others. Our home loan term and conditions are not complicated and understandable. To examine your home loan eligibility, we only need some documents and proofs. We offer up to 90% of home loan on the total cost of the property. You can also choose the property before applying for the home loan. With our many banking partners, we provide additional offers or discounts for home loans.

Interest Rates of Home Loans

We offer one of the lowest and affordable interest rates on home loans. Our associated banking partners offer lowest home loan interest rates such as 8.5 %. Low interest rates can help in repaying home loans in easy installments.

Low Processing Fees

Our loan processing fees are the lowest in the market. At Loans Fixer, we provide a quick and easy loan process with less charges.

Collateral Requirement

There is no need to provide collateral for home loans. But some banks ask for collateral.

Apply Now

Home loans can be approved in a few steps. Check your eligibility criteria and submit your documents. Once we verify your documents, we will approve your home loans and the loan amount will be disbursed in your account. Once you receive the full loan amount, your monthly installments will start from next month. Apply now for quick loan approval and get an instant loan amount.


Easy loan


Your Business Loan Approval is just 5 Steps Away:


Choose Required Amount

Select the amount you need for loan before proceeding for further loan process. This amount will be your principal amount.


Fill all the details and Submit Documents

Fill all your personal details and information. Submit all the documents such as identity proof, address proof and income proof.


Easy Apply in 10 Minutes

All the details and documents submission can be done in 10 minutes. Apply after submitting the asked details and documents.


Get Your Loan Approved

After verifying your documents, your loan will be approved.


Recieve Your Cash

Once the loan process will be done, you will receive your loan amount.

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