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About Education Loan and how does it work

With minimal documentation and qsuick approval, you can easily avail education loans to pay all the education costs of your child. Our education loans are available for both indian and abroad students. Take a step for your child and call now.

Educating your child is the most important thing for the parents. But in this era, education has become costly. Our organisation has decided to provide easy education loans to help children achieve the education goals. Our education loans offer less interest rates but also assists students to go for higher studies. We fund education loans to students for studying in India as well as abroad. Education loans can help students to grow more and study in respected colleges. Our banking partners provide various loan offers, interest and flexible loan repayments methods. Education loans help play a major role in parents' financial planning to support students. With our education loan, everyone is eligible to pursue their educational dreams. Education loans are known as the most expensive loan but we can help and guide you to make it easy and flexible.

Features of education that we offer

Education loans are available for all and can be applied easily. With a good cibil and credit score, anyone can avail education loan. Education loans can be applied for all the academic courses such as graduation, post graduation and vocational studies. Here are some of our features:

One can avail education loan easily for both India and abroad.

Education loan is available from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs. It may also vary according to the bank. Where as abroad education limit can go high.

Amount of the education loan will be dependent on the opted course and family income.

Female students can get extra benefits such as low interest and discounts.

Education loan of less than 3 lakh will not require any guarantor.

There is no need to repay the loan amount immediately. Students can repay it after the course or job.

How to Apply for an Education loan?

Choose your course and college before applying for a loan. Fulfill all the criteria and submit required documents to avail the loan. After verifying the documents, our team will contact you and your loan will be approved and credited to you.

Contact us if you have any doubt or apply now get instant discount and loan approval.


Easy loan


Your Business Loan Approval is just 5 Steps Away:


Choose Required Amount

Select the amount you need for loan before proceeding for further loan process. This amount will be your principal amount.


Fill all the details and Submit Documents

Fill all your personal details and information. Submit all the documents such as identity proof, address proof and income proof.


Easy Apply in 10 Minutes

All the details and documents submission can be done in 10 minutes. Apply after submitting the asked details and documents.


Get Your Loan Approved

After verifying your documents, your loan will be approved.


Recieve Your Cash

Once the loan process will be done, you will receive your loan amount.

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